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10 Health Resolutions That You Must Make For Healthy New Year 2024

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New year brings new hope with itself, new possibilities and a chance to explore new dimensions in self and surroundings. Year ending is also a time to reflect upon what has transpired and what we can do to better ourselves.

Below are some of the many things that one can give a thought about. These are listed down by Dr Sakshi Singh, Consultant, Dept of Internal Medicine, Amrita Hospital, Faridabad.

1. Wake Up Early 

Waking up early can give us an advantage over the trials and tribulations of the day ahead, we can start with a clean slate, and calmly decide about what things one wants to focus on throughout the day, rather than rising late then start rushing in the morning itself.

2. Reflections And Check In With The Self 

Dr Singh suggests, “In the hustle and bustle of daily life, sometimes we forget to truly feel the experiences, just keep rushing through the mundane tasks. Amidst everything it is very important to slow down for a moment and reflect, how are we within ourselves, in what direction are we moving and what is the destination we want to reach and different aspects of life. There is no shortage of people judging us, so the least we can do is to be kind with ourselves and take a deep breath, relax and try to have a better understanding of our own selves.”

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3. Move More 

Move More

To be able to move is a necessity and privilege both in itself. Being active and alert is helpful for both our body and soul. Good source of happy hormones, motivation and improve the strength and immunity of our body.

4. Eating A Good Breakfast 

The first meal of the day, that is, breakfast can set the tone for the whole day ahead, align youself to your dietary goals and important source of energy. Timing can be according to one’s need and suitability, but it should not be ignored.

5. Tidy Up Your Space 

“Very easy, yet very difficult. Many times one takes pride in saying that I AM MESSY, but research has shown that our surroundings can affect our mental state and our productivity. A systematic and clutter free surroundings can help in reducing mental stress, chaos and confusion. Short and simple daily routines can be devised to attain this goal,” shares Dr Singh.

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6. Hydration 

Water-the major constituent of our inner and outer world, needless to say, a well hydrated body will function in a better way, and essential for proper functioning of all major systems of our body. But sometimes with the trends of soda and caffeine, we forget to drink the plain water in adequate amounts, affecting so many aspects.

7. Sleep And Bedtime Hygiene

A restful sleep is a luxury nowadays. Excessive stimulation in the surroundings, social media distractions, social commitments, deadlines at work or in personal space, are one of the many causes. “But if prioritised many of them can be aligned in a such a way so as to develop a bedtime and sleep hygiene, as a good sleep can ensure a boost to the productivity next morning,” suggests Dr Singh.

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8. Self Care

It encompasses our physical, mental, social, emotional, financial, interpersonal and professional dimensions of life and not just self pampering, being self disciplined and self motivated can also be part of selfcare.

Self Care

9. Plan And Prioritise 

Many of us take pride in being a multitasker, which can seem very glamorous at first, but can prove difficult, exhaustive and overwhelming in the long run, many times even leading to brain fogging, a commonly seen scenario today. 

According to Dr Singh, this can also hamper interpersonal interaction, emotional well being and overall productivity in personal and professional space. So Less Can Be More if done with more focus and intent, rather than multiple things done half heartedly with a distracted mind.

10. Being Grateful And Counting Our Blessings

It is fine to desire and strive for more but what is also important is to cherish what we have already received and be grateful for it, as many a times in race against time behind our so called goals we forget to actually live, to feel, to communicate our thoughts and enjoy what we already have, and when the golden moments are passed, what is left is regret. 

So, take a pen and paper today, drink a glass of water, take a deep breath and start writing what is it that you look upto, how do you see yourself in your best version.

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