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Christmas bells are ringing for TV actress Sreejita De and her husband Michael Blohm-Pape, who tied the knot earlier this year in July. They are celebrating their first Christmas after marriage and are excited. Sreejita says, “We celebrated our first Diwali after marriage a month ago and now it’s Christmas. We both love and enjoy celebrating each other’s festivals.”
Michael, who hails from Germany, tells us, “Christmas is an intimate festival for us.It’s more about spending time with family, enjoying good food and creating memories. Back home in Germany, we all come together at my mother’s place and celebrate the festival since we don’t see each other that often.”

This time, since Sreejita and Michael could not go to Germany, they are planning to go to Thailand for a vacation. Sreejita shares, “Initially, we wanted to spend Xmas with our family. But we decided to take two weeks off for a vacation because after our wedding, we have not been able to plan a holiday. So while this isn’t our honeymoon, it is a much-needed break.”


It was fun setting up the Xmas tree together: Sreejita
The two have already decorated their Christmas tree at home and are loving the festive vibe. The Uttaran actress shares how she and Michael enjoy talking about each other’s traditions. “When we started dating in 2019, we celebrated Christmas in Germany. That’s when I learnt more about the festival. Blending into each other’s culture and respecting it is very important. Our celebrations have begun… it was fun setting up the Xmas tree together.”

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