Bonemeal is essential for kickstarting your farming in

Bonemeal is an important resource in Enshrouded as it allows you to start farming your crops with the Seedbed, but it will also be needed for Balthazar The Alchemist’s Apprentice Armour Set and healing ammo for the Magic Canes.

Before you can embark on the process of crafting Bonemeal, your initial step involves venturing into the wilderness of Embervale and engaging in the hunting of Wolves or Sheep. These animals often yield bones, which constitute the primary resource essential for crafting Bonemeal.

How do you craft Bonemeal in Enshrouded?

After successfully rescuing Balthazar The Alchemist from his Ancient Vault, you’ll gain the ability to construct a new Production Place, specifically the Grinding Stones. These Grinding Stones enable you to insert bones into them to process them into valuable Bonemeal.

Bones are a relatively scarce find in the Enshrouded, so it’s advisable to stick to greener regions such as the Peaceful Acres or the Harvest Homestead. These areas often teem with Wolves and Sheep, providing ample opportunities for hunting and gathering the necessary bones. Consider establishing a new Flame Altar for convenient fast travel to this region, streamlining your access to these valuable resources.

Once you’ve amassed a sufficient supply of Bonemeal, you can commence your farming endeavors by paying a visit to Emily Fray, The Farmer. Ask her to craft some Farming Soil for you. Combining three units of Bonemeal with seven pieces of Dirt will yield 10 units of Farm Soil. This Farm Soil, in turn, enables Fray to create a Seedbed, a valuable tool for planting a variety of crops such as tomatoes, corn, berry bushes, and more.

Make sure of the corn you’ve cultivated to craft some Popcorn, and voilà, you’ve just secured yourself an excellent source of stamina with a 7+ modifier.

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