Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles Gets March Release Date,

Open-world city builder Bulwark: The Falconeer Chronicles has locked in its release date to March 26, 2024, leaving only a couple of weeks until we’ll get the chance to try our hand at reshaping its shattered world. The sequel to 2020’s Falconeer will also receive a multiplatform demo at the end of January, marking the first time console players get to try out its distinct flavor of city building.

Bulwark: The Falconeer Chronicles’s upcoming multiplatform demo features one full scenario designed to show the ropes to those who give it a shot. In it, we’ll build settlements while choosing between 15 buildings.

Bulwark: The Falconeer Chronicles Release Date and Demo

The knowledge gained acts as a foundation for the title’s full launch, when late-game elements like Wonder, Leaders and multiple factions work to dial up the complexity.

Set in a world left devastated by war, Bulwark: The Falconeer Chronicles tasks us with “creating the last great settlement” of its vast oceanic world known as the Great Ursee.

We’ll get to see it grow from a handful of humble docks and wooden jetties to monumental stone towers and battlements, all while exploring the world and scavenging for resources.

Other factions inhabit the Great Ursee, and whether we’ll create trade routes and forge alliances or declare war is all up to us.

According to the publisher, freedom and experimentation lie at the core of Bulwark: The Falconeer Chronicles, while the title’s building system rewards experimentation.

Moreso, its Freebuild Mode sounds perfect for anyone looking to focus solely on building their settlement without having to worry about resources, upgrades, or the various challenges of its standard mode.

Bulwark: The Falconeer Chronicles is set to launch on March 26, 2024, when it arrives on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5.

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