Crusader Kings 3: Chapter 3 Unveiled, 2024 Roadmap

Publisher Paradox Interactive has unveiled Crusader Kings 3’s Chapter 3, detailing the DLC that makes up the medieval grand strategy game’s 2024 roadmap.

CK3’s Chapter 3 promises two notable expansions that introduce long-awaited features such as plagues and additional complexity when playing as Byzantine rulers. On top of that, we can also look forward to an event pack that further fleshes out the travel system introduced in its Tours and Tournaments expansion, as well as a cosmetic DLC.

Crusader Kings 3 Roadmap 2024

CK3’s 2024 roadmap has its content evenly spread throughout the year, instantly delivering one cosmetic DLC before it kicks into full gear later in March. Its final DLC is slated to launch during the fourth quarter, just in time for the holidays.

Couture of the Capets

Release Date: February 6, 2024

Purchasing Crusader Kings III’s Chapter III expansion pass instantly unlocks the Couture of the Capets DLC, which grants access to the following cosmetic items inspired by France’s high medieval fashion:

  • New materials and patterns for courtly clothing
  • Two new cloaks
  • Two new clothing items
  • Four new headgear types
  • A new beard and new hair style

Legends of the Dead

Release Date: March 4, 2024

Legends of the Dead is CK3’s first core expansion, a type of DLC that focuses “on broad systemic changes to the core gameplay loop, or high-impact systems that affect large parts of the game world.”

One of its two key pillars is a feature called Legends, which enables rulers to commission an epic retelling of their family history and their heroic deeds. Spreading the word of our achievements across the lands leads to our dynasty achieving legendary status.

We can then leverage this newfound fame through new decisions and actions that strengthen legitimacy – a new means of measuring the strength of your rule – and open up new gameplay choices.

These include access to elite buildings and memorable feasts that can inspire guests to make our generosity known across their lands.

Furthermore, official historians can contribute to our efforts of spreading our dynasty’s story while poets and musicians can “turn your actions into art.”

Crusader Kings 3’s Legends of the Dead DLC also introduces a new Heroic dynastic Legacy for the heirs of legendary characters, alongside a Legitimacy Legacy that establishes dynasties as the true rulers of their realm.

The expansion’s second key pillar shapes illnesses and mourning rituals. The destructive presence of several diseases – including Bloody Flux, Measles, and Holy Fire – can be triggered randomly or by rampaging armies.

They’ll then spread through the map, negatively impacting affected lands. In the late phase of a playthrough, The Black Plague also makes its inevitable return.

Provided our dynasties survive these new challenges, their members can honor their deceased loved ones through funeral rites determined by their faith.

Lastly, Crusader Kings III: Legends of the Dead brings with it new art assets, in the shape of an exclusive Map Table, new varieties of clothing, unit models, and holding designs.

Roads to Power

Release Date: Q3 2024

Crusader Kings III’s 2024 roadmap continues with Roads to Power, the only major expansion included in Chapter III.

It focuses on two new approaches to playing, one centered on fleshing out gameplay for Byzantine rulers, the other making it more exciting to seek our fortunes abroad.

The Administrative Government of the Byzantine Empire offers an alternative to Europe’s feudal states. Rulers have to navigate “a web of Governors” who use intrigue and power to improve their political position.

In addition, choosing eastern Rome as your home now involves running and managing a Family Estate that acts as the seat of our House’s power while having new buildings and improvements to construct.

The expansion also introduces the Influence system, which enables characters within administrative empires to “climb even higher in the opinion of the Emperor” and gather more power.

Once you secure the seat of emperor for ourselves, we have to manage a “sprawling imperial bureaucracy,” while “appointing and directing the governors of your provinces.”

The Byzantine Emperor also gets to choose their heir, whether from a list of Influential candidates or important family members. In addition, they have the option of co-ruling. The expansion also introduces events, monuments, and activities that enforce the Byzantine theme.

Those who’d rather not be bound to their birthplace will find that CK3: Roads to Power provides a compelling argument to roam across the map, fulfilling contracts as a landless adventurer.

Succeed for long enough and you’ll make a name for yourself, earning gold, prestige, and fame before settling down in a new home.

Lastly, cosmetic additions such as a Byzantine-themed UI skin, new courtly apparel, new 2D event art for activities like chariot racing, on-map monuments, and more are planned.

Wandering Nobles

Release Date: Q4 2024

CK3’s 2024 roadmap concludes late in the year with Wandering Nobles, the sole event pack coming in Chapter III. Fleshing out the Travel system, it gives characters more reasons to take to the road while introducing “new sights to see, new paths to take, and new stories to weave together into an immersive narrative!”

There’s a new Travel Lifestyle to look forward to, alongside “incidents and stories related to roaming far from the safety of your court.”

That covers what was shared so far about Crusader Kings 3’s Chapter III and the DLC that makes up the grand strategy game’s 2024 roadmap. More details will be shared over the coming months.

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