Does Enshrouded Play on the Steam Deck?

Enshrouded is bound to be a game into which many of us will invest long hours thanks to its blend of action-RPG and survival elements, which is why Steam Deck support is often brought up by current and prospective owners of Valve’s popular device..

Its portable nature would allow us to take care of our camp and venture into Enshrouded’s fog-covered areas even when we’re not in front of our PCs, but will it be available as soon as the game launches in early access?

Enshrouded Steam Deck Support

Valve uses four different terms to describe a game’s Steam Deck compatibility: verified, playable, unsupported, or unknown.

At the time of writing, Enshrouded falls in the latter camp, its Steam Deck status remaining unknown. This essentially means that Valve has yet to verify the title’s compatibility with the device.

  • Enshrouded Steam Deck Support status: Unknown

Multiple factors could play into this, from the game not being optimized to run on the Steam Deck to the device not currently being a focus for developer Keen Games, who hasn yet to speak on the matter.

While it’s always possible that work is underway to verify Enshrouded but simply needs more time, it is worth keeping in mind that the game will first launch in early access, which might see other aspects being initially prioritized.

Should Enshrouded’s Steam Deck status change in the lead-up to launch or at some point in the future, we’ll surely hear from the developer and update this article accordingly.

In the meantime, find out when it might launch on consoles and how many players are supported by a single party.

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