Everyone Will Finally Get To Play Skull And Bones 6 Years After It Was Revealed

Ubisoft’s oft-delayed online pirate game, Skull and Bones, will finally—thanks to a newly announced open beta—be something that anyone—yes, even you, random reader—can actually play. The open beta starts next month and arrives shortly before the game launches, over six years after its reveal.

Remember the year 2017? The last generation of consoles were only four years old. There was no global pandemic. And…I was going to list some other stuff that happened in 2017 as part of this bit but then I realized that was a horrible year. So, anyway, yeah, also: Skull and Bones from Ubisoft was announced at E3 that summer. It had a big flashy trailer and looked like the boat gameplay from Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, but turned into a giant, pirate-only online game. Sounds like a solid pitch for a game to me. And yet, the saga of Skull and Bones is a messy and long one stretching back a decade from its inception, through six delays, and finally, to its new open beta arriving in February.

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