Here’s why there’s no water or boats in Enshrouded

Enshrouded’s community manager has explained why the already-popular survival game’s massive world lacks smaller or larger bodies of water.

The realm of Embervale is home to many wondrous sights and tough foes, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find water outside of compact flasks that conveniently fit in your backpack. Although it might seem like a strange omission, it turns out there’s a very good reason why this is the case.

Why Enshrouded Lacks Water

“It’s not just performance cost of water, but also simply getting it to work,” Community Manager KeenToast explained responding to a Reddit user’s inquiry on the matter.

“Water is always a massive challenge in any voxel game, often they either cheat and don’t have real water physics (Valheim for example), or they have extremely oversimplified water and voxels (Minecraft).

They go on to explain that due to Enshrouded’s “really complex voxels,” Minecraft’s approach simply wouldn’t work, while Valheim’s “would flood all our caves.”

The studio needs to “come up with a much more complex solution, and at the moment other things are much higher priority for us,” they added.

Although Enshrouded lacks water at the moment, this at least doesn’t completely exclude the possibility of it being added at some point further down the line.

The survival game launched in early access yesterday, January 24, reaching an all-time peak of 70,820 concurrent users, as reflected in its Steam Database charts.

Developer Keen Games intends to “take the game out of Early Access within a year,” but will be factoring in player feedback before taking the decision.

Hopefully, by the time that happens, we’ll be able to relieve the stress of barely surviving a tough dungeon delve by going to a nearby lake for a round of digital swimming.

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