Honkai Star Rail current banner, next banner, and 2.0 banners

What is the current and next Honkai Star Rail banner? If you’re looking to acquire the best five-star characters for your team, then wishing on banners is your best bet. Banners rotate on a regular basis, so it can be difficult to decide whether to go all-in on the current banner or wait for the next one. Our banner schedule includes everyone you can pull during the 1.6 update, as well as a list of upcoming characters that are set to appear in later updates.

The Honkai Star Rail banner system almost entirely relies upon the luck of the draw, where you can trade in your hard-earned Star Rail passes for the opportunity to pull the best Honkai Star Rail characters. If you’re new to HoYoverse’s gacha-driven free PC games, our crash course to Honkai Star Rail Warps is invaluable for understanding banners and how they work, as well as the latest Honkai Star Rail codes to redeem currency. Now that we’ve got you up to speed, here’s the lowdown for the current and next banner in Honkai Star Rail updates.

Honkai Star Rail 2.0 banners

The Honkai Star Rail 2.0 banners will likely feature the five-star characters Black Swan (Wind, Nihility) and Sparkle (Quantum, Harmony). We also expect these debut banners to appear alongside reruns for five-star characters Luocha (Imaginary, Abundance) and Jing Yuan (Wind, Erudition).

Each banner phase of the 2.0 update will include increased drop rates for a selection of four-star characters, though these are yet to be determined until the Honkai Star Rail 2.0 livestream. The  ‘Brilliant Fixation’ light cone banner is also set to feature the signature light cones of all of the above five-star characters.

The next Honkai Star Rail banners

We expect the next Honkai Star Rail banner to feature the debut of five-star character Sparkle (Quantum, Harmony) in according with HoYoverse’s drip marketing strategy. It’s also highly likely that this banner will also be accompanied by a rerun of either Luocha (Imaginary, Abundance) or Jing Yuan (Wind, Erudition). Both banners comprise the second phase of Honkai Star Rail 1.6 and run from Wednesday, February 7 to Tuesday, February 27, 2024.

Four-star character Misha (Ice, Destruction). is also set to make his debut on both banners, alongside increased drop rates for a selection of returning four-star units.

If our prediction is correct, the ‘Brilliant Fixation’ light cone banner will feature Sparkle’s signature five-star light cone, while the ‘Bygone Reminiscence’ light cone rerun banner will include an increased drop rate for Luocha or Jing Yuan’s own signature five-star light cones.

Upcoming Honkai Star Rail banners

Here are all of the characters expected to appear in upcoming Honkai Star Rail banners:

  • Black Swan (five-star character – Wind, Nihility)
  • Sparkle (five-star character – Quantum, Harmony)
  • Misha (four-star character – Ice, Destruction)
  • Screwllum (four-star character – Imaginary, Erudition)
  • Sam (five-star character – Fire, Destruction)
  • Acheron (five-star character – Lightning, Hunt)
  • Aventurine (five-star character – Imaginary, Preservation)
  • Sakura (five-star character – Ice, Hunt)
  • Gallagher (five-star character – Fire, Abundance)

Current Honkai Star Rail event banner

The current Honkai Star Rail banner is ‘Panta Rhei’ featuring the five-star character Dr. Ratio (Hunt, Imaginary). This banner is accompanied by a rerun of five-star character Kafka’s banner, ‘Nessun Dorma’. Both banners run from Wednesday, January 18 to Tuesday, February 6, 2024.

These banners appear in the second phase of the Honkai Star Rail 1.6 update and include increased drop rates for four-star characters Sushang (Physical, Hunt), Natasha (Physical, Abundance), and Hook (Fire, Destruction).

Current Honkai Star Rail Light Cone banner

The current Honkai Star Rail light cone banner is ‘Brilliant Fixation’, which includes Dr. Ratio’s five-star light cone, Baptism of Pure Thought. It’s also joined by the ‘Bygone Reminiscence’ rerun banner, which features Kafka’s signature five-star light cone, Patience Is All You Need. Like the event banners, both light cone banners run until Tuesday, February 6, 2024.

These light cone banners also include increased drop rates for three additional four-star light cones: Only Silence Remains, Landau’s Choice, and Perfect Timing.

The Honkai Star Rail standard banner, featuring the full pool of characters outside of the event banner phases for each update.

Honkai Star Rail standard banner

The Honkai Star Rail standard banner is called ‘Stellar Warp’, and is a permanent fixture that offers the chance to pull from the standard pool of characters and Light Cones.

Unlike the event banner, the Honkai Star Rail standard banner only requires regular Star Rail passes, which are far more common than their special counterparts. While you can’t pull limited characters like Seele or Imbibitor Lunae from this banner, there are still a variety of highly coveted five-star characters that you’re in with a chance to win – be sure to check out our Honkai Star Rail tier list to discover the best of the bunch.

Now that you know the current and next banner in Honkai Star Rail, you should have no trouble divvying up your most valuable currencies to net your favorite characters. If you’re looking to replenish your currency in record time, be sure to brush up on our Honkai Star Rail Stellar Jade farming guide. We’ve also used our own experience in the anime game to design the best Honkai Star Rail builds for stand-out characters you can pull, including Bronya, Clara, and Bailu. Finally, our Honkai Star Rail review sheds some light on how we got on with HoYoverse’s interstellar adventure.

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