In Vampire Therapist, You Help Treat Fellow Undead Using

Vampire Therapist is the latest title that joins Steam’s ever-growing number of visual novels, promising a journey of helping vampires sort through centuries’ worth of emotional baggage.

In its pursuit to craft a game that both entertains and informs, publisher and developer Little Bat Games has integrated real cognitive behavioral therapy concepts into Vampire Therapist, which we’ll get to use as we encounter undead from different historical periods and attempt to help them solve their issues.

We do so by stepping into the role of Sam, a former cowboy who’s now experiencing the life of a vampire for himself while searching for meaning for his own immortality.

Aided by a 3,000-year-old vampire therapist named Andromachos, who was previously a warrior and assassin, Sam lends an ear to fellow undead who are dealing with psychological issues that range from agoraphobia to narcissism.

Judging by its first gameplay trailer, which you can watch below, Vampire Therapist sticks closely to traditional visual novel gameplay, with conversations taking center stage.

After listening to patients, we get to decide which technique to use in our attempt to help them get better and aid Sam in better understanding his not-so-newfound state of undeath.

“Vampire Therapist springs from a belief that humanity could have always benefited from therapy,” said Cyrus Nemati, Creative Director of Little Bat Games. “By providing a playfully dark, yet cozy experience, we hope to demystify therapy and show how it can be helpful to anyone, no matter how old they are.”

Vampire Therapist is slated to release on PC, via Steam, come June 17.

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