Phasmophobia 2024 Roadmap – First details on Point Hope

If you’ve been enjoying hunting down the dancing Snowmen for Phasmophobia’s Christmas 2023 Holiday Event, you may be curious about the new content updates planned for 2024 and whether there’s an official roadmap detailing these updates for the year.

Kinetic Games has revealed the roadmap for 2024 and confirmed details on four of the planned updates for the year, including the first details on its exit out of early access, which should take place at some point during the end of 2024.

Phasmophobia’s 2024 Roadmap Content

Kinetic Games has outlined four major updates for the year, including V0.9, V0.10, V0.11, and culminating in the full release of version 1.0, known as Horror 2.0, assumed for late 2024. The developer has decided against setting specific dates for these updates to manage player expectations, in other words it doesn’t want to disappoint and end up pushing content back.

However, they have confirmed that console ports, the new Point Hope Lighthouse map, map reworks, and other enhancements will be rolled out “as soon as they’re ready.” These releases will occur independently of the roadmap updates.

Here’s a brief overview of what each update is expected to include:

Phasmophobia’s V0.9 Update Content

This update will be released next week, marking the end of the Holiday event.

  • Lighting Overhaul
  • Eye Adaption
  • Screen Space GI
  • Progression Rate Improvements
  • Item Tier Adjustments
  • Shop V3

Phasmophobia’s V0.10 Update Content

  • New Tasks
  • New Optionals
  • Reward Changes
  • Photo Overhaul
  • Video Evidence
  • Sound Recorder

Phasmophobia’s V0.11 Update Content

  • New Player Models
  • New Player Animations
  • CCTV Overhaul
  • Player Customisation

Phasmophobia’s 1.0 Full Release Content

  • New Ghost Models
  • Hunt Overhaul
  • Hallucinations
  • Events Overhaul
  • New Interactions

Transitioning out of early access with version 1.0 does not mark the end of content development for Phasmophobia. Kinetic Games has announced plans to continue supporting the game by adding new equipment, introducing more ghost types, and expanding the range of environments for players to explore and hunt in.

Phasmophobia’s Point Hope Lighthouse Map

The Point Hope map is going to feel very different from the other maps, much like the unique atmosphere of the two Campsite maps. Its design features unusually large and circular rooms that span entire floors.

The developers have strategically incorporated multiple looping areas and positioned hiding spots at varying distances from staircases. This layout is intended to heighten the sense of dread, especially when players find themselves fleeing from a paranormal assailant during a hunt.

As you explore the lighthouse, you’ll notice that the rooms on the lower levels are quite spacious. However, as you ascend, the spaces become increasingly more confined and cramped. This sounds perfect for a ghost room spawn, would you agree?

Bleasdale and Grafton Farmhouse Reworks for 2024

I’ve had a great time playing on these maps previously, but one could suggest that they’re somewhat alike and in need of a new lick of paint to spruce them up a bit. Kinetic Games’ new concept artist known as Zec has been putting together plans for 2024, and both Bleasdale and Grafton will be getting reworks.

“This means fewer bedrooms/bathrooms and more rooms with purpose for the family that may have lived there.” says Kinetic Games.

”Grafton, the smaller farmhouse, has seen better days in the new design; floors, ceilings and windows collapsing, furniture broken or covered in sheets ready to be packed and dust and cobwebs covering every nook and cranny.”

Bleasdale is set to receive a more personalized touch, reflecting the characteristics of its inhabitants. The environment will feature unique items collected by the family from their travels around the globe, including guns, cultural trinkets, and memorabilia showcased in glass cases. Additionally, each room will adopt its own theme, such as a tea room decorated with delicate doilies, plates featuring charming animal designs, and an abundance of pink accents.

“The attic has had quite the overhaul. The staircase has been moved and the room itself has been split into two parts. The first half is the attic storage, crammed to the brim with barely stable boxes, old furniture and dusty memories. The second half has been inhabited by the couple’s granddaughter; a girl that loves the unknown. Her self-converted bedroom is covered with witchy belongings, suspiciously haunting books and dreamcatchers.“

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