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Planning A Summer Vacation? Here Are Tips To Manage Summer Allergies While On A Trip

North India is finally breaking out of the spell of the long excruciating winter, witnessing elevated temperatures after a month of excruciating cold weather. This is the perfect time to travel before the hot bout of humid air hits and full-blown summers begin. 

But these seasonal changes bring with them the challenge of seasonal allergies, resulting in pesky symptoms while exploring new destinations. Defining seasonal allergy, the National Centre for Complementary and Integrative Health shared that seasonal allergies are also called hay fever or allergic rhinitis, and it happens as a reaction to pollen from plants. Some common symptoms of hay fever include sneezing, coughing, a runny or stuffy nose, and itching in the eyes, nose, mouth, and throat.

Whether you’re embarking on a road trip, flying to exotic locales, or simply enjoying a weekend getaway, managing summer allergies on the go is crucial for a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Here are some essential tips to help you keep those allergies at bay during your summer adventures.

Research Your Destination

Before you depart, take some time to research the allergens present in the area you’ll be visiting. This knowledge will enable you to prepare for specific triggers and plan accordingly. Different regions may have different pollen levels, air quality, and environmental factors that can impact allergy symptoms.

Pack Smart

Pack your allergy essentials, including antihistamines, nasal sprays, and any prescribed medications. Don’t forget to bring an extra supply in case your trip is extended unexpectedly. Consider using travel-sized containers to save space and make it easier to carry your medications.

Choose Allergy-Friendly Accommodations

Opt for accommodations that prioritise cleanliness and provide allergy-friendly amenities, such as hypoallergenic bedding. Many hotels now offer allergy-friendly room options, which can make a significant difference in your comfort level during your stay.

Stay Hydrated

Proper hydration is key to managing allergies. Drinking plenty of water can help flush out allergens and keep your respiratory system functioning optimally. Be mindful of your fluid intake, especially in hot and dry climates.

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Tips To Manage Summer Allergies While On A Trip

Protect Your Eyes and Skin

Wearing sunglasses can help shield your eyes from airborne allergens like pollen. Additionally, a hypoallergenic sunscreen can protect your skin from irritation caused by sun exposure, which may exacerbate allergy symptoms.

Monitor Pollen Levels

Keep track of local pollen forecasts and adjust your activities accordingly. If pollen levels are high, consider spending more time indoors during peak hours and planning outdoor activities for times when allergen levels are lower.

Utilise Air Purifiers

If you’re staying in a location for an extended period, consider bringing a portable air purifier. This can help reduce indoor allergens, providing a sanctuary for relief from outdoor triggers.

Wash Up After Outdoor Activities

After spending time outdoors, make it a habit to wash your face, hands, and hair to remove any lingering allergens. Changing into fresh clothes can also minimise the transfer of allergens to your living spaces.

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Tips To Manage Summer Allergies While On A Trip

With thoughtful planning and a proactive approach, you can easily manage summer allergies while on a trip. By incorporating these tips into your travel routine, you can ensure a more enjoyable and allergy-free experience, allowing you to focus on making lasting memories in your chosen destination. Safe travels!

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