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Post-Delivery Vaginal Care: Expert Shares 8 Essential Steps for a Healthy Recovery

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! As you embark on the journey of motherhood, taking care of yourself post-delivery is of utmost importance. Proper care not only aids in your body’s healing process but also helps prevent potential problems that may arise. Here are some essential tips to ensure a smooth recovery for your postpartum vaginal health.

Tips for Post Delivery Vaginal Care

We spoke to our expert Dr Sujit Chatterjee, CEO, Dr LH Hiranandani Hospital, Powai, Mumbai as he shared eight insightful tips for vaginal care post-delivery for a healthy and speedy recovery. Here is what he shared with us.

1. Gentle Perineal Care

Cleanliness is key. After using the washroom, opt for a peri-bottle filled with warm water to gently cleanse the perineal area.

Pat the area dry with a soft cloth to avoid irritation. This simple practice aids in preventing infections and discomfort.

2. Ample Rest

Allow your body the time it needs to heal by prioritising rest. Adequate sleep and downtime are crucial for postpartum recovery.

3. Pelvic Floor Exercises (Kegels)

Incorporate Kegel exercises into your routine to help tone pelvic floor muscles and improve blood flow. These exercises contribute to a faster recovery and increased muscle strength.

Expert Shares Tips for Post Delivery Vaginal Care

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4. Soothing Epsom Salt Baths

Enjoy warm baths with Epsom salts to promote soothing relief and aid in the healing process. However, ensure you consult with your healthcare provider before trying new treatments or medications.

5. Proper Medication and Creams

If you had tears or underwent an episiotomy, your doctor may prescribe pain medications or creams to alleviate discomfort. Adhere to your doctor’s recommendations for optimal healing.

6. Vaginal Hygiene

Keep the vaginal area clean and dry. Avoid the use of strong soaps or scented products that may disrupt the natural balance.

Opt for breathable cotton underwear to prevent infections and promote comfort.

Expert Shares Tips for Post Delivery Vaginal Care

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7. Regular Check-Ups

Schedule regular postpartum check-ups with your healthcare provider to monitor your recovery progress.

While some bleeding (lochia) is normal after childbirth, notify your doctor if you observe unusual or excessive bleeding.

8. Watch for Signs of Infection

Stay vigilant for signs of infection, such as increased redness, swelling, or a foul odour. If you notice any concerning symptoms, seek prompt medical attention.

Remember, every woman’s recovery journey is unique. It’s essential to consult with your gynaecologist for personalised guidance tailored to your specific needs. By prioritising post-delivery care, you set the foundation for a healthy and comfortable transition into motherhood.

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