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The Week in Yoga: A Common Teacher Peeve, a Hack for the Pose You Love to Loathe, and Our Playlist Rec

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Each week, the editors at Yoga Journal compile moments—sometimes mind-bending, sometimes simple—that remind us yoga is, in fact, everywhere.


We recently happened upon a hack for Chair Pose that we’d never experienced and that we’ve been including in our practice. It doesn’t make the posture any easier, although we find it makes it eminently more tolerable. (For those new to yoga, Chair Pose is something of the common denominator of yoga, bringing intensity to students as well as the teachers who listen to them complain about it.)

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Can’t stop replaying the track “Practice Makes Progress” in our heads and our devices. The song, from the recently released album Sound Patterns by MC YOGI and composer John Pattern, functions as a mantra of sort, bringing meaning and mindfulness to the early part of your practice or class playlist.





In an article published in The Atlantic early this week, writer Yasmin Tayag experiences something of an identity crisis as she struggles to choose among too many ways to exercise, yoga among them. Her overwhelm relates to a concern about stereotypes and that what you do influences who you become. She describes it as a “life imitating exercise” kind of thing.

Although with yoga, isn’t that entirely the point? Perhaps one takeaway from the situation could be appreciating the privilege inherent in choosing who you are while also learning to tune out the noise of what anyone else might think you are.

Quote from Leon Brown that begins, "Listen to your own voice..."
Quote: Leon Brown



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