The Whole Alan Wake ‘Remedyverse’ Is On Sale Right Now On PC

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If you’ve been eyeing (or playing) Alan Wake II lately but haven’t yet played any of the other titles in Remedy Games’ growing “Remedyverse” of connected stories, then you might want to take a look at the Epic Games Store right now. During its “Developer Spotlight” sale, Alan Wake Remastered, Alan Wake American Nightmare, Control, and both the standard and deluxe versions of Alan Wake II are all available for some pretty generous discounts.

The sale runs until January 10, 2024, so you’ve got a little under a week to take advantage of this.

Starting from the beginning of the Alan Wake saga, you can grab Alan Wake Remastered and its standalone spin-off, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, for about $13 total (they’re available for $10 and $3 respectively). We recommend getting the Remastered version over the original version which is still on the Epic Games Store.

Is Alan Wake Worth Playing Before Its Sequel? | Total Recall

Is Alan Wake Worth Playing Before Its Sequel? | Total Recall

Originally released in 2010, Alan Wake’s gameplay might feel a little dated, but the story is worth sticking around for. If you’re looking for something more frenetic and action-packed, Control Ultimate Edition is available for $20 and includes AWE, the DLC chapter that explicitly connects Control’s mind-bending narrative to Alan Wake. (Control’s two expansions are also on sale individually for just $3 or together as a combo for $5.)

What about Quantum Break? Is that in the Remedyverse too?

Quantum Break, Remedy’s half-game, half-TV show experience from 2016, isn’t available on the Epic Games Store. It’s currently on Steam at the full price of $40. As the IP for Quantum Break is owned by Microsoft, it’s not officially a part of the Remedyverse. As many fans have observed, however, there are some direct and not-so-direct connections across these game universes. So if you do play Quantum Break in addition to Alan Wake II, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for some suspicious similarities from time to time.

Finally, Kotaku’s pick for 2023’s game of the year, Alan Wake II is on sale starting at $40 for the base game. The Deluxe Edition, which includes exclusive cosmetics and the upcoming expansions Night Springs and Lake House, can be yours for just under $60.

While Alan Wake II can certainly be played and enjoyed without having experienced the previous games, the experience is only made better by jumping into Mr. Wake’s first dark chapter in the sleepy Pacific Northwest town of Bright Falls.

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