This “Life-Changing” $12 Scraper Is Now My Forever Cleaning Staple

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Repeat after me: Your fingernails are not tools. Actually, I’m speaking to myself here, but I’ll bet there might be some of you reading this who could also benefit from this mantra. 

I realized the error of my ways when I stopped getting gel manicures. I would often challenge my strong, chip-free nails, using them to peel off labels and price tags, open pop-top cans of dog food, and scrub dishes among many other tasks that my now-natural nails do not appreciate.  

Maybe it was my weakened nails sending out a distress call into the universe, or maybe it’s the fact that friends and family know I write about household tips and tricks and so they tell me about new gadgets all the time. In any case, something called a Scrigit Scraper has come into my life. Here’s why I think you should welcome it into yours, too, with open arms — or, at least, hands.

What Is a Scrigit Scraper?

Scrigit is a plastic, double-ended scraper tool that is roughly the size and weight of a pen. It even has a clip, although I’ve not grown so attached (yet) to my Scrigit that I need to keep it that close. The scraper on one end is straight, much like the head of a flat-head screwdriver, while the one on the other end is round and slanted.

Why You Need a Scrigit Scraper

You might not think you need a tool like this until you hold it in your hands and feel its power. It’s probably easier to name the places where I haven’t tried the scraper, but that’s not as helpful in explaining its usefulness to you. So instead, here is a short list of how this nifty little blue gadget has come in clutch in my household.

You might have noticed that I’m using Scrigit to clean up varying levels of grossness. Rest assured, Scrigit comes as a pair, so I have one that I keep in my bathroom and one that I use elsewhere throughout the house, much as you would with sponges to keep everything hygienic. But Scrigit is also dishwasher-safe; it’s been through several cycles in the silverware caddy.

The best part of having this scraper around is that I’m no longer using my nails as tools. I’m scheduled for a regular, non-gel manicure soon, and I have high hopes that this tool will preserve my polish for longer.

Buy: Scrigit Scraper No-Scratch Plastic Scraper Tool, $11.99 (normally $14.99)

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