Timberborn Update 5 Badwater introduces ecological

Timberborn is set to release its fifth major content update, Badwater, later today. This update adds ecological hazards, 25 new buildings, and reworks all maps to make use of the new mechanics.

Humanity’s actions turned Earth into a desolate wasteland, leading to its mysterious demise. This cataclysmic event paved the way for certain species, such as beavers, to evolve into diverse factions, each developing unique abilities for building and adapting for survival. This narrative forms the core of Timberborn’s plot, with Badwater focusing on the remnants and waste left behind by humanity.

Timberborn Update 5: Badwater Release Date

Timberborn Update 5: Badwater is going to be today, the 18th of January, via early access on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

The beavers’ usual water sources have been tainted by polluted fluid waste from the previous civilization, contaminating the area and rendering crops unusable. Badwater will set a challenge for players to overcome this fluid waste, and a new in-game season called Badtide enters the rotation of Droughts and Wet Seasons.

Players won’t be left to fend for themselves with old mechanics, as developers Mechanistry have put together a bunch of different tools and buildings to help tackle the challenge, from contamination barriers to decontamination pods.

“With Badwater processed into the beneficial Extract, the beavers create new types of dynamite used in terraforming, supercharge their bots, and even mass produce new beavers.” read a press release sent to us by Mechanistry detailing the update.

“Adding Badwater deepens gameplay and answers recurring requests for more in-game seasons. With two different fluids competing for space, players must be far more creative with water physics and irrigation to avoid contamination,” added Mechanistry Communications Manager Michal Amielanczyk.

The Badwater update also introduces new faction-specific decorations and attractions, such as beaver dance halls, alongside quality-of-life improvements like custom keybinds and the ability to flip asymmetrical buildings.

Here’s a full list of features for Update 5:

  • Badwater Sources and Badtide seasons pollute waterways, contaminate beavers, and kill crops, creating a new gameplay loop and challenges for even the most experienced player.
  • New faction-specific Buildings to deal with contamination challenges and exploit badwater; water filtration barriers and seals join existing hydro engineering tools, while new production chains allow for curing beavers and powering up bots.
  • Terraforming the landscape is no longer exclusive to bots, however, bots are now immune to Badwater contamination, making them more versatile workers. New types of dynamite allow for faster terra-forming the maps.
  • New faction-specific Decorations and Attractions, from lanterns and hammocks to exercise plazas and beaver-compatible wind tunnels.
  • Many Quality of Life additions, including custom keybinds, allowing players to flip asymmetrical buildings, and thumbnails for saves and custom maps.

Timberborn Update 5: Batwater should start automatically downloading via Steam early access now, but it’s also available for Epic Game Store and GOG owners.



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