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What the New Moon in Capricorn Means for You

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The first new Moon of 2024 greets us eleven days into the new year. This new Moon in Capricorn allows us to lay the groundwork for our visions to become true during the next twelve months. It is a potent time to usher in change, insights, and clarity.

When is the New Moon in Capicorn?

The new Moon exact is January 11th, 2024, at 3:57 am PT.

What the New Moon in Capricorn Means for You

The start of the year can bring up many emotions, including pressure to declare resolutions. As you work with new Moon in Capricorn energy, know that it is an opportunity to form a lifestyle for yourself that holds space for your visions to evolve. Nothing is carved in stone and you are free to change your intentions at any point. You do not need to have it all figured out right now. Just focus on how you want to feel over the next year, and the details will fall into place.

During the new Moon in Capricorn, create some structure in your life that can help you remain accountable to yourself and aware of the vibration of your day. We change over small increments of time through focus and commitment.

Most of this change occurs through daily explorations of feelings, thoughts, and energy. Furthermore, this is ultimately what we want—small shifts that we can process, integrate, and solidify. When we change too much too quickly, it can rattle our systems. Consequently, some of those changes don’t take hold permanently.

The phases of the Moon as depicted in a vintage French engraving. Note the straight line of the Sun (Soleil), Earth (Terre), and Full Moon (“Nouvelle Lune”), which hides the Moon in the shadow of the Sun. (Illustration: duncan1890 | Getty)

As you work with the new Moon in Capricorn, think of it as a blueprint for each day of the year by setting up practices and rituals that can become part of your daily life. Start with the central question of how you want to feel, then ask yourself what helps you feel that way and maintain that vibration. Experiment with practices that nurture this state within you.

Often, it helps to work with the first hour of the morning. In this space, cultivate practices that guide your energy and allow you to shift both internally and externally. Perhaps this time includes yoga, meditation, journaling, card pulling, playing a sound bowl, or simply connecting over a cup of tea. Know that what helps set the tone of your vibration each day will go on to change the vibration of your life.

The new Moon is a time to create visions for the future and help those visions manifest. These visions can shift over time, but they can form a container that becomes your lifestyle. In that container, all of your visions are supported and can evolve as they need to for your soul’s path. As you gain an idea of what visions you want to commit to, consider how your energy will need to shift to manifest these visions. What will you need to release to make space for new vibrations? How will you keep your vibration aligned with your visions? The life you want to live holds a certain vibration. When you imagine yourself already living it, you take on that vibration.

Realizing that the life you want is possible, though, takes some effort. You first need to release anything that blocks you from believing in yourself. You then need to embody the emotion of living your visions. You need to feel them to make them real. When you try to feel them, notice any places of resistance. What is holding you back? That is where your work needs to be done. You do not need to know all of these answers today. Simply commit to becoming aware of this over this next lunar cycle through your daily time with yourself.

Include holding space for these answers to arise in your morning practices. Also, be open to finding what is aligned with your soul. These answers may be surprising to you, so it’s important that you not force them but allow them to naturally arise from within. Your intuition already holds the guidance you need; it’s your conscious mind that needs to be open to receiving it.

What Capricorn Teaches Us

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign. It generates earth energy and helps us connect with this element in our lives. Capricorn season helps us feel centered, clear, and ready to handle the myriad of energies life throws at us. It also helps us be discerning when needed and make decisions that align with what’s most important to our souls.

The grounded earth sign of Capricorn brings an ability to dance in between the practical and the aspirational. (Illustration: ProVectors | Getty)

Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn is the steadfast sea goat who can traverse any land or sea. This energy reminds us that with the right focus and determination, we can accomplish anything. Nothing is out of our limits. Throughout its season, Capricorn inspires us to commit fully to everything we do and can set the tone for the next twelve months.

Capricorn is all about commitment and focus. Direct your energy to your mission every day. Even if it’s something small, do something each day to recommit yourself and remind your energy what it is focusing on. Capricorn teaches us that one of the most important pieces of remaining focused is learning to say no to distractions.

The most important aspect of this season is to find and commit to what is worth your energy. We all have a mission or purpose in this lifetime. The soul knows when it has found alignment. We know what alignment feels like, and we know how it feels to lose it. This season is about finding what aligns most with your soul. It’s about finding your life’s work and committing to it each day, no matter what other distractions come your way.

Traditionally, Capricorn is associated with our career. This energy, though, is so much more than what we do for a paycheck. It’s about finding the great work our souls were put on this earth to find. It’s about our legacies and what we will be known for after our physical bodies are long gone. It’s about finding the work that merges body, heart, mind, and spirit.

This work may take the form of a career, but it may also be a hobby, raising a child, or volunteering for something you believe in. Your life’s work can take many forms, but no matter what shape it takes, it feels good to your soul. It does not feel limiting, confining, or dull. It feels exciting, freeing, and motivating. Yes, at times, your life’s work will need a hit of inspiration. It will always feel like you are exactly where you’re meant to be. It will always feel aligned with your core essence and energy.

Finding our life’s work can take years. Unfortunately, most of us were not taught to pursue it. It requires experimentation on our part and the courage to take some leaps of faith. These leaps are strengthened by our resolve and deep trust in ourselves. This trust is cultivated through hearing our intuition and following our inner compass. Capricorn is the sign of solitude. It encourages us to go inward this season and spend time alone. It’s in this space where we can truly hear our hearts and inner knowing without the influence of others.

Other Astrological Influences on the New Moon in Capricorn

The new Moon in Capricorn creates a strong trine aspect with Uranus retrograde in Taurus. Uranus helps us change. It allows us to see a new vision for our life, one we may not have realized was possible in the past. Uranus also encourages us to break outdated patterns to invent a new way of being. As we find our new selves, we must leave habits that feel comfortable.

Uranus reminds us on this new Moon that change can be intimidating. We tend to stay where it feels safe rather than step into the space between our old selves and our new selves, which limits our growth. The new Moon and Uranus both land in earth signs, bringing us stability and grounding. Lean into this energy and feel your inner resilience. You can change and you can persevere through uncomfortableness to find your new self. You are resilient. You may fear stepping into a new version of yourself, but that is not a reason to hold yourself back.

It’s okay if you feel fear. It’s okay if your new self feels uncomfortable as you become acquainted with it. You can sit with unpleasant emotions and move past them to find the life you desire.

Even when we desire big change in our lives, we often play it safe. We limit our dreams and sell ourselves short of our potential. On this new Moon, notice any patterns that keep you small as you write your intentions. Dare yourself to create a vision that may seem almost impossible. Challenge the first draft of your intentions and notice if you default to the same dreams you write repeatedly. Ask yourself why you might be keeping yourself small. Is it out of fear? Do you not think you are worthy of big visions? Or are they just too much work?

This Moon is your chance to create real, long-lasting change in your life. Decide how you want to feel, what will help you feel that way, and what changes you want to see happen. Then don’t hold yourself back.

The new Moon also forms an exact square with the north node in Aries. Squares cause friction and tension until a breakthrough is reached. The north node represents our destiny. It holds the lessons we are collectively learning as a society. We can then integrate these lessons into our life path.

An illustration of the fire sign of Aries, depicted by its symbol or glyph and the characteristic ram.
A fire sign, Aries brings us determination and incites us to take action. (Illustration: ProVectors | Getty)

Capricorn and Aries are both cardinal signs, meaning that they initiate things. They also relate to our soul’s purpose. Capricorn helps us find the work that aligns with our soul and Aries ensures that our soul’s work is prioritized.

This square energy on the new Moon in Capricorn illuminates where we may be stagnant in life. It shows us where we need to start something and why we may hold ourselves back from new beginnings.

The square aspect may bring up some frustration this new Moon, especially as you begin to feel what you need to change, start, or embrace in order to align with your soul’s purpose.

You may also hesitate around things you need to prioritize or say yes to in your life. Perhaps saying yes means you have to say no to someone or something else. The lessons of the north node in Aries teach us to follow our passions even if we need to say no to other things.

We must learn to gracefully fight for the life we were born to live. This includes fighting through our distractions, self-doubt, and hesitation.

The Invitations of the New Moon in Capricorn

Consider the shifts you want to make in your life this year. What changes do you want to see unfold over 2024? Perhaps you want to live somewhere new, take a different job, or  start a family.

You do not need to know the details of how any of these changes will happen. Simply acknowledge what you would like to see evolve this year. Then bring these changes back to yourself. How will these changes make you feel? What are you excited to see happen this year? And what changes make you nervous?

As you write your intentions this new Moon, feel how you can prioritize your life’s work and soul’s path this year. Feel what you need to begin to align with your life’s work. What vibration do you need to embody? How can you prioritize the energy of your soul this year? What affirmations will help you?

Whenever you are embracing a new life, many emotions surface. It’s best to honor them and spend time with them to understand what role they play in your decisions. Acknowledge what you’d like to see happen this year and how you feel about it. From here, you can make commitments to certain visions.

Learn more about the new Moon in Capricorn including additional astrological insights and journaling prompts, in the Capricorn Season + New Moon Workbook, from which the above is excerpted. Also, explore the influence of the new Moon on creating the life you desire through the Inspired Habits course that launches January 12th.

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Jill Wintersteen is the founder of Spirit Daughter, a lifestyle brand devoted to helping you live your best life through understanding the energy of the Universe. She also writes workbooks on each full Moon as well as other astrological events. Follow her on Instagram @spiritdaughter.

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