Where to find salt in Enshrouded and its uses

Salt becomes a frequently used resource once you’ve unlocked the Hunter NPC and begin crafting items from The Drying Rack. This includes Dried Fur, useful for creating armor, and it’s also essential for making the Small Backpack.

Once you’ve freed Athalan Skree The Hunter and summoned her at your base, she will give you the location of the Ergerton Salt Mines and Saline Quarry, and if you can plant yourself a Flame Altar nearby either of these for fast travel, you should have a decent source of Salt for your playthrough.

Where to find salt in Enshrouded

The Saline Quarry, while not as rich in salt as the Ergerton Salt Mines, is safer and offers more than enough for crafting your first set of armor from Dried Fur. Both locations are in the Enshrouded area, so it’s wise to prepare some Potions and ensure you’re well-rested before setting off to mine. Remember to repair your equipment as well, particularly the Pickaxe needed for mining Salt.

The Saline Quarry can be found to the east of your initial base. Using the Glider to descend from the cliffs should get you there in no time. You’ll encounter enemies, but they’re not overly challenging or numerous. Luckly, if you have The Hunter, she will mark both locations on your map.

The Ergerton Salt Mines are located northwest of your home base, in close proximity to where Balthazar The Alchemist is found. Nearby, there’s a critter nest, and these creatures will persistently hassle you. Additionally, there’s a Shroud root in the area that you can tackle.

This location has a lot of Salt, but ideally you need a group to go with you to make it safer. It will take sometime to clear the area on your own. If you’re going on your own it might be best to take two Pickaxes with you.

What can you do with Salt in Enshrouded

Salt is essential for crafting some of the Superior Armour early in the game, which Athalan Skree The Hunter is skilled at creating. After accumulating enough Dried Fur from The Drying Rack using Salt, you have the option to craft a full set of either the Scout, Marksman, or Ranger Armour.

It’s also worth noting that Cade Hawthorn The Carpenter can craft a comfortable bed for you, provided you have Six Dried Fur to give him.

  • Dried Fur
  • Scout Armour Set
  • Marksman Armour Set
  • Ranger Armour Set
  • Wooden Bed

We’re continuing our playthrough of Enshrouded, so should we discover any additional uses for Salt, we will update this guide and let you know.

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